Security, monitoring and access control are essential to safeguard your business from unwanted individuals such as former employees, intruders and more, so that is why it’s important to ensure that you equip and monitor your office, shop or warehouse with the latest access control and CCTV systems available on the market.

At JTech Solutions we believe that an effective access control system will give you peace of mind in your security plan. This can play a big role overall since an access control system can limit access to high-security areas, limit access during certain times, keep track of who enters and exits the building through fobs, prevent access to former employees by disabling their fobs and so on. There are various access control systems to protect your premises, these include: fob, card and PIN readers, face recognition readers, fingerprint readers and many more. In addition, a good CCTV system is also required to protect your investment, so we are also able to offer you a full range of video security cameras that deliver clear high-quality images. With such surveillance cameras you can monitor areas outside and inside your property and sensitive areas that require special attention such as entries and exits.

Our services for security systems include:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV

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