A modern, easy to use, phone communication system is the way forward in today’s remote-working world, especially when this is connected to your IT system. If you are looking to upgrade your telephony system to the most modern on the market using IP phones and a fully integrated video conferencing system, then 3CX is your answer. Its technology includes advanced features that provides strengths to your business. Some of these remarkable features are recording and sending messages via email, track calls, record calls for quality assurance, use your 3CX phone from anywhere through your laptop, phone or tablet, and much more.

Furthermore, if you are also looking at expanding your marketing and sales communication techniques, this can be done using SMS to Email and Email to SMS platform. At JTech Solutions we can integrate these systems seamlessly on your IT network so that you can work more efficiently. 

Our services for telephony solutions include:

  • 3CX
  • IP Phones
  • Video Conferencing
  • SMS to Email, Email to SMS

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